A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Torann, a Fictional Universe Exploration Sandbox. Torann is a simulator based on my personal lore, which will be available as soon as it is a bit more expansive.

For now, the only playable area is Calidra, the desert planet.

Do keep in mind that this is still a Very early build of Torann, and is not at all representative of the final product.

Install instructions

There's not much to be done to play Torann. Just extract all the files to a directory of choice and run the game executable.


Torann v0.1 45 MB


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for the tiny thing that it is, it does show potential for what could be a really fun sandbox-exploration game. genuinely excited to see where this goes. had an absolute laugh when I hit the edge of the world and got flung off into space at about 800 kmh though lol


Yeah haha, I still need to find a way to stop players from flying off the map. I hope to release another update soon, and maybe even create a wiki for my lore. Either way, thanks for playing!